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Subscribing to the Labour Hire Licensing Queensland ebulletin

The Labour Hire Licensing Queensland ebulletin is a free email subscription service which will keep you informed on a range of topics and labour hire issues that affect businesses, workers and labour hire agencies in Queensland.


Sign-up to receive regular ebulletins and updates delivered to your inbox.  To activate your subscription, you must express your consent by selecting 'confirm' in the confirmation email message in your inbox.


If you would like to be removed immediately from all future ebulletin mailings, please unsubscribe by entering your email address and select 'unsubscribe' on this website.  Alternatively, select 'unsubscribe' appearing in the footer of the latest ebulletin email message in your inbox.  If you still continue to receive email messages in error, please let us know.

Manage your subscription profile

You may update your contact details and email preferences at any time.  Enter your email address, make the change and select submit.  Alternatively, select ‘update your profile’ appearing in the footer of the latest ebulletin email message in your inbox.


Your privacy matters to us. Your personal information on the Labour Hire Licensing Queensland ebulletin subscribe form has been collected for the purposes of subscribing to the Labour hire ebulletin email service. This information may also be used to assist with statistical research to monitor and evaluate our services. View our privacy policy.

Spam filters (blocked emails)

Spam is an inappropriate attempt to use email, or another networked communications facility, by sending the same message to numerous people who didn't ask for it. To the receiver, it usually seems like junk email.  The Office of Industrial Relations complies with the Spam Act 2013 to protect consumers from receiving unsolicited emails, also known as spam.

Spam filters help you block unsolicited and unwanted emails (spam) but they can also prevent legitimate email messages from getting to your email inbox. Spam filters may be blocking your ebulletins you have subscribed to.

To ensure that you receive our ebulletins, follow the below help guidelines:

  • If your organisations' network has a firewall, please check with your IT department that you will be able to receive news sent from the Office of Industrial Relations. Some firewalls will bounce email messages sent to a list.
  • If you are using spam filter software (e.g. spamguard), you need to manually add the email address (e.g. labourhire [at], (our email service provider) and/or our domain name to your list of accepted email addresses within the spam filter software. This procedure is commonly called 'whitelisting'.
  • Please do not enter a non-existent or invalid email address - we can only send emails to valid email addresses.
  • If the domain name of your email address is long - please double check the address you have entered to ensure that it has been spelt correctly, has the right dots and/or dashes, and the @ symbol in the right location.
  • Adjust your spam filter settings with your web based email provider. Most email providers e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, BigPond etc., provide help instructions to update and adjust your email filters on your account.

Last updated 04 April 2018