New public health direction for labour hire providers employing seasonal workers in Queensland

A new public health direction has been made by the Chief Health Officer which impacts labour hire providers who employ seasonal workers in the agriculture industry in Queensland.

Health management plan for seasonal workers

The new public health directive means that you must have a health management plan if you engage ‘seasonal workers’. A health management plan identifies how you plan to manage preventing the transmission of COVID-19 amongst employees, seasonal workers and the community. Templates to develop your health management plan are available.

Follow the diagram to see if you have seasonal workers, what applies to you and what you must do.

Ask your workers to follow the diagram to see what applies to them and what they must do.

If you’re a labour hire provider who also provides accommodation and/or transport, follow the diagram to see what applies to you and what you must do:

Workplace health and safety plan

In addition to having a health management plan, you must also have a workplace health and safety plan in place tailored to respond to the new working environment during COVID-19. The Workplace Health and Safety Horticultural industry guide (PDF) has been developed to assist you in meeting your obligations.

More information

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