Report a problem

The Labour Hire Licensing Compliance Unit works in partnership with other agencies to protect labour hire workers from being:

  • treated unfairly
  • underpaid
  • stopped from taking leave or adequate breaks from work
  • given unsatisfactory equipment to do their job
  • made to work in unsatisfactory health and safety conditions
  • housed in sub-standard accommodation
  • transported in unsafe vehicles
  • threatened, bullied or subjected to violence or intimidation.

If you have concerns or information about the mistreatment of workers, a labour hire provider operating without a licence or a business using an unlicensed labour hire provider, you can help us protect vulnerable workers and promote the integrity of the labour hire industry in one of three ways:

Operating hours are 9.00am – 4.30pm, Monday-Friday except public holidays.

International callers can report a problem on +617 3874 2280.

If you are having problems with your licence application, or if you would like any further information or guidance on the scheme please contact us.

Making an anonymous report

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