In May and June, we will visit labour hire providers, users and workers to provide information about their obligations and rights under the new laws.

We will visit:

  • Stanthorpe and Gatton and surrounding regions - 21 to 25 May
  • Cairns and Townsville and surrounding regions - 28 May to 1 June
  • Bundaberg and surrounding regions - 4 to 8 June
  • Rockhampton and surrounding regions - 11 to 15 June
  • Southeast Queensland - 14 May to 15 June

During the visits, we’ll conduct audits to ensure applicants and licensees have provided accurate information in their applications and have kept the required evidence to support their declarations (e.g. fit and proper person declaration). Businesses will be notified prior to the visits.

To find out more about the labour hire scheme, visit or phone 1300 576 088.